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Private Lessons

Matheo is offering private lessons in the Boston, MA area.
Please contact the following address to start the lessons :

Matheo's vision of teaching

    " I have been very fortunate to have studied with great private instructors.
I found out that the most important thing that made everything so rewarding is the capacity of the instructors to adapt. Indeed, the private instructor must be leading the student on the path that fits the best : the teacher needs to be aware of the skills of the student, of his expectations and of his goals.
Also, creating a relationship of trust between student and teacher is essential. If the students feels good, he will reach his best abilities more easily.

Being knowledgeable about the subject is obviously crucial as well. It is good for a student to have respect for the teacher : indeed, this enables the student to be inspired by, in the best cases, a mentor.
These are keys to a good private instruction and I will apply them the best I can with my students....

Matheo Techer



Hourly Rate

1 hour lesson


Monthly Rate



Monthly plan including

1 lesson/week


Semester plan including 1 lesson/week



*This only applies to monthly and semester plan

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